Grading comments: German pressing with thin cover

In the interest of full disclosure, this is a German pressing issued on Philips. Those of you who know something about this outfit will undoubtedly want to know where this is the psych guitar version, or the soul version of the album - it's the psych guitar mix.

I'll be honest and tell you I wish I knew more about singer/guitarist Velvert Turner. He was apparently born in New York, but by the early 1970s his home base was Los Angeles. His supposed claim to fame was a connection with Jimi Hendrix - they were supposedly friends, Hendrix having apparently taught a school aged Turner how to play guitar in the mid-1960s (which might explain some of the Hendrix influences on this album). Unfortunately, I haven't been able to track down his pre-Velvert Turner Group recording catalog (if it exists). Similarly, there isn't much of a catalog after this LP. He recorded an exception hard to find album for Tiger Lilly Records (I've never even seen a picture of it) and with support from the Hendrix estate, appeared on an 1981 Arthur Lee solo album and in the mid-1980s along with Andy Aledort he produced and narrated a Hendrix instructional guitar video. It makes for an interesting background story, but you'll be wanting to know what the album sounds like ...

Self-produced, 1972's "The Velvert Turner Group" is one of the best Hendrix influenced LPs I've heard. Mind you, there's precious little here that's particularly original, but judging by tracks such as 'Madonna (Of the Seven Moons)', 'Talking About My Baby' and 'Three O'Clock Train' Turner must have been a gifted student. He has Hendrix's vocals mannerisms and guitar moves down pat (just check out the ballad '(Love Rides ...) The Slow Swirling Seas' or his cover of Hendrix's 'Freedom'). The backing from drummer Time McGovern, bassist Prescott Niles, keyboardist Christopher Robison, and a handful of guests is consistently tight and enthusiastic. McGovern, Niles and Robison also kick in a couple of songs with tracks such as 'Country Chicken', 'Strangely Neww' (sic) and 'Scarlet Warrior' adding a nice touch of musical diversity to the mix. Normally I'm not that thrilled by Hendrix-wannabes (Frank Marino, Robin Trower, etc.), but this one is simply goofy enough to make the cut. Even the clunky numbers are worth hearing - check out the children's chorus on 'Scarlet Warrior'. It somehow manages to salvage Turner's out of tune lead vocals ... beats me.

"Velvert Turner Group" track listing:
(side 1)
1.)~~Madonna (Of the Seven Moons) (Velvert Turner) - 3:35
2.) Talking About My Baby (Velvert Turner) - 4:00
3.) Country Chicken (Christopher Robison) - 2:56
4.) Strangely Neww (Prescott Niles - Christopher Robison) - 6:05
*Scarlet Warrior (Prescott Niles - Tim McGovern) - 3:32

(side 2)
1.)~~Three O'Clock Train (Velvert Turner) - 5:05
2.) Just Look and See (Prescott Niles - Velvert Turner) - 4:15
3.) 'Xcuse Me, Gentlemen (The Fall of Atlantis) (Velvert Turner) - 4:32
4.) (Love Rides ...) The Slow Swirling Seas (Velvert Turner) - 3:50
5.) Freedom (Jimi Hendrix) - 6:17

Back to the earlier tidbit about the two versions of the album - the only way you can tell the difference is to look at the matrix numbers. Matrix #16741 is the rock version, sporting an overdubbed second guitar. Matrix #16951 is the soul version and lacks the overdubbed guitar. Both versions are supposedly worth owning.

Prescott reappeared as a founding member of The Knack.

Here's a link to a site offering the Hendrix guitar tutorial that Turner put together:
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Setting the record straight

Hi Scott----I'm working hard on my site <>--Check out Velvert there. Doing this site is like doing my life story and I want the record to be accurate. My name should be added on Scarlet Warrior as co-writer. Not only did I suggest the Kids' vocals, I coached them and sang with them in the studio. I also wrote "But you, you were the one, the Scarlett Warior" both words and and vocal which I tried in vain to get Velvert to sing correctly. On "Love Rides" I wrote the melody and chords to a poem Velvert said he wrote.(I also wrote the words and music "Love, love, love, Thy enemy is not near......nothing to fear.") In the studio, Record Plant West, Velvert sang "the moon or the comBers (pronounced calm-burrs) " Our Then- producer, Tom Wilson stopped the tape "No no no that's com(b)ers like beach combers, silent 'B' !!" Velvert stuttered, "Oh yeah oh yeah I knew that..." and a little light-bulb went off in my head---maybe that poem was Jimi"s like all the clothes and guitars Velvert had from him.