Toured UK and
Germany with
The Hollies

Late spring of '76 found this rocker BANDLESS, not fun--Neighborhood Marky said, "Yo Chris, wha'diya gonna do now?" " GOD PROTECTS DRUNKARDS AND FOOLS!", I declared. "I'll start my OWN band, and I'll call it Stumblebunny!" I marched down to Max's Kansas City and told them I have a new band and I want a date to play. They booked stumblebunny for early fall. I found a talented kid in my West Village neighborhood, Gordon Wands. I taught him all the bass guitar parts up at his mom's W.4rth St apartment. I decided to play guitar in this band. We were crossing 7th Av South into oncoming traffic when Gordon said, "Chris I got this drummer friend Sammy from W.27th St.- he's real good he can play anything and he plays real funky, too." "Well I hope he's black so we can have a little style to the band." "Yeah he is," grinned Gordon. "Fine, he's our drummer"---

We rehearsed as a trio that summer, practicing on W. 30th st. Two weeks before our gig at Max's and we still didn't have a lead guitar player. Neighborhood Marky says, "Yo Chris,whereya gonna get a lead guitar player?" "GOD WILL GET US A LEAD GUITAR PLAYER!" I declared. 4 days before Max's my ol friend Sasha McCaffrey offered me his: David White. A few rehearsals later we opened at Max's. In 1978 Stumblebunny (now w/ N Y Dolls bass player Peter Jordan) recorded an album "While You Were Out", produced by Richard Gottherrat Plaza Sound, released in Europe on Phonogram. Stumblebunny then toured England and Germany 2nd billing The Hollies in '79. Peter Jordan and Sammy Brown later moved on to a band called The Nite Caps.

With the Hollies the Stumblebunnies had to drive through what was then communist East Germany to play Berlin--Quip from East German border guard, " enny one vant to buy some handcuffs?"
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