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It was late 1969.

I was living on East 9th Street when I got a call from friend Peter Burger. He was in a band called The Dolphins with Tor Pinney and they had a small hit: Surfin' East Coast before the three of us became a band called GRIEF, in Syracuse, NY. Well, NOW, it seemed Peter and Tor were the band STEAM (na na hey hey kiss him goodbye). They asked me to join.

Here's how that worked: A talented guy named Paul Leka wrote and recorded hit 45's under different made-up names--"I don't know what makes a hit, Chris," Paul told me. "I put it out- if it hits it hits if it don't it don't" So, for example, when Leka 'hit' with Green Tambourine by 'the Lemonpipers', he would go up to a club band and say "Yous guys are now the Lemonpipers", and he'd sign them up to go on tour. So it was with "Na NA Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye". When it hit, Paul went to a CT group and said "Yous guys are STEAM " and they'd tour their tails off! Peter, Tor, Don Bossen, and I were the 2nd STEAM- after the 1st line-up had burned themselves out. We played 28 states, on grueling 3 week tours of one nite stands, TV shows and festivals.

Although most of Paul Leka's hits were recorded with studio musicians, our line up of STEAM recorded and sang a regional hit "Don't Stop Lovin' Me" he wrote that charted in towns like West Palm Beach FL and Syracuse NY.
We did all our own original music in STEAM, our only performance obligation was to start and end each set with.."Na NA NA NA , NA NA NA NA, HEY HEY HEY, GOODBYE, Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye, nananana, nananana, heyheyhey, goodbye ........ (Now you see how the first line-up evaporated!)