High Skool

The Beatles played Ed Sullivan and my life was forever changed--I started a Band/one time we opened for a Provincetown band named The Barbarians--loooong hair! Molti, the drummer had a hook for his left hand and though one of their songs said it was from a car accident, Molti assured us it was actually from making home made bombs. They had a big Boston hit "Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl".

Donny Keiser and I worked at Camp Telawoocket one summer in Roxbury Vermont (stable boys)and we hitched up to Burlington to hear The Zombies and The Searchers play--Rod Argent is still my hero--- I'd go into Boston, to The Boston Tea Party to hear people like Van Morrison,and Jeff Beck w/ singer Rod Stewart and BASS player Ronnie Wood in his Band------

One Saturday night my band played the high school, that afternoon I played the junior high on guitar with a guy called Billy Squier--caught up w/ Billy years later on MacDougal Street .....