Elephant's Memory

Shared the bill with:
Rare Earth
Billy Preston
The New York Dolls
Bo Diddley
and Jerry Garcia

I was in the band 2 times, 1970-71, and later '73 to '74

After Velvert Turner in LA I returned to NYC where the Elephants asked me to rejoin--Rick the Drummer was one of my best friends "No", I said, "I need a little rest before I join a band again." A few days later I went over to Rick's on W.10th Street and he pulled me in his door and said----"Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin brought John Lennon to our rehearsal !!! We're his back-up band now, man!!" After a stunned moment I said, "Well, I'll come back now.." "NO NO NO I can't do that now, we're just his back up band!!" said Rick.

Just for the record, though, I spent a night with the Elephants with John and Yoko at Record Plant East on 44th St, where I sang back up with John and the boys on a song of Elephant's Memory called "Baddest of the Mean"--Listen closely to the track, we're in there. John and Yoko produced this album for the Elephants--and because I was in the band before, one of the tracks is "Power Boogie", written by Stan Bronstein, Rick Frank, and Chris Robison. On the album jacket sleeve, the credits on "Power Boogie" include background harmonies by John Lennon, and guitar by John Lennon, so you see I got a song produced by John and Yoko---and John played on MY song (!) -----Hey, if YOU had done this, I bet you would mention it on YOUR website..... I still miss the genius that is John Lennon.-----

----------------Opening for Areosmith on Thanksgiving night in Framingham, Mass was also cool-- Steve Tyler invited the band to his dressing room for a raucous turkey dinner....

Probably the oddest gig I played with Elephant's Memory was when the New York Chapter of the Hell's Angels hired a Circle Line Tourist boat and we played with Bo Diddley and a nervous looking Jerry Garcia--Jerry had a band-- drums, bass and Fender Rhodes player--They did Mo-town instrumentals for their set-- We all played on the upper deck in the glorious sunshine-- The Angels made the boat captain hover near the George Washington Bridge, mid Hudson River, where we played towards the Manhattan shore for an additional crowd of happy bikers.
photo credit Bob Gruen 2005